Music from around the world and throughout the ages

The SCENES Music Series will recognize, celebrate and explore many diverse musical traditions that represent various cultures, music genres through the ages, as well as unique regions around the world. Many of the “music scenes” have existed for hundreds of years, while others that will be featured in the 2020 series have existed for only a decade or two. There are hundreds of genres, and sub-genres to draw from for this new music series presented by the City of Santa Clarita.

The MAIN will provide an immersive experience for each show being presented. Guests will see displays of music memorabilia; learn about the genre’s history, have the opportunity to buy products associated with the night’s musical theme, and even purchase a themed cocktail!

For those wanting a more exclusive experience, each show will present a VIP reception where guests can meet the musicians prior to the concert and enjoy specialty foods that are linked to the music theme of the night.


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