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Soundcheck presents: Fierce Brosnan + Odd Ours

April 27, 2019, 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm · The MAIN · The MAIN · Details

Soundcheck is the SCVTV Community Media Center’s newest music series that provides a platform for young musicians from the Santa Clarita Valley to show off their musical prowess with the performance of original songs.

Odd Ours is a psych-rock band trio combining heavy rhythms with ambient melodies and have been performing in SCV since 2016. Odd Ours performs at 8 PM.

Fierce Brosnan is a 4-piece band from the SCV that plays a combination of 50’s surf, 70’s psychedelia, and 80’s punk. Performing in SCV since 2015, they guarantee a good time. Fierce Brosnan performs at 9 PM.


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