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James Hand with The Carolyn Sills Combo

September 30, 2017, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm · The MAIN · The MAIN · Details

 “Folks, like I said before and it’s STILL true, James Hand is the real

 deal!”   – Willie Nelson

Though he’s been making powerful original Country music for over forty

years, until recently James Hand had unjustly remained one of American

music’s secret treasures — a local legend in Texas, modestly playing

his craft in countless smoky dives and dance halls to a slowly

widening circle of admirers.

When James Hand was receiving a lifetime achievement award in Austin

at the Ameripolitan Awards in 2016, Carolyn Sills made sure to

introduce herself, and was even sly enough to snag a seat next to him

on the shuttle from the awards show.  The Carolyn Sills Combo was one

of five bands nominated for Western Swing group of the year, and was

thrilled to have a chance to meet the country legend.

The next year, Carolyn and her combo were chosen to open a show for

James Hand the week of the awards ceremony, where they were once again

nominated for Western Swing group, as well as Western Swing female, of

the year.  After the show, James was a true gentleman to talk with,

and mentioned to Carolyn that he’d love to play another show with her

combo in the future. Carolyn immediately asked if James would consider

coming out to California for some shows, and if so, her combo would be

honored to be his backing band. James responded, without a hitch,

 ‘Honey, do you know how much it would take to get me to come play in

California? Eighty-five cents.’ With the support and encouragement of

Christopher Burkhardt from B&B’s Musical Thrills & Don the

Beachcomber, a run of three, Southern California shows were booked for

the end of September in 2017. We are hoping this will be just the

beginning of James Hand’s California bookings, as anyone into the

rising country and western music scene needs to be aware of this

genuine legend of country music.

James Hand with The Carolyn Sills Combo Thursday, September 28th – Don

the Beachcomber, Huntington Beach, CA Friday, September 29th – The

Escondite, Los Angeles, CA Saturday, September 30th – The Main, Santa

Clarita, CA

More about James Hand – Texas Singer/Songwriter

What James Hand does, he does straight from his heart, taking the

hard-won lessons that life and love have taught him and pouring them

into his songwriting and performing. James Hand sings like nobody but

himself, his phrasing drawing out the pain and humor of his lyrics

with an unpredictable yet soulful series of tiny inflections. His

songs are equally mysterious and unclassifiable.

While they are noticeably rich with the influences of his heroes —

classic country architects like Hank, Lefty, and Ernest — Hand’s

songs are uniquely his, imbued with equal parts gallows humor and the

ability to stare unflinchingly into life’s darkest corners.

At the unlikely age of 55, Hand just started to receive the attention

he deserves after having released his first nationally-distributed

album in 2006, The Truth Will Set You Free, produced by Asleep at the

Wheel frontman Ray Benson and legendary Texas producer and

multi-instrumentalist Lloyd Maines. The album featured confident,

definitive versions of twelve of Hand’s original compositions — songs

that are at once refreshingly unique and classically timeless. Poised

at the brink of national attention, if anything, he was more humble

than ever. “The people around me really came through for me,” he says,

with not a trace of affectation, “The record company, my producers,

and my band. In fact, sometimes I think the only person who hasn’t

been kind to me is me…”

“In over 30 years of playing country music, I have never, absolutely

never seen anyone as unique as James Hand. There is no one like this

artist – complex, yet simple. Simply, James Hand is country music, and

he has no equivalent.” – Bob Cole, Country Music Hall Of Fame ’03,

Hill’s Café, South Austin, Texas

 “James Hand music uses no smoke or mirrors. There is definitely no

glossing over of any aspect of this CD… James writes lyrics that

haven’t been written before and I suspect that he’s lived every word

in these songs.”  – Lloyd Maines

 “You probably won’t hear James on your country music station these

days, but if you’re one of the folks out there who loves true, honest,

down-to-earth country music songs, based on hard life lessons and

affairs of the heart, then James Hand is your man.”  – Ray Benson

After a few years of touring the US, UK, and Europe, and fulfilling

his lifelong dream of appearing on Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, James

Hand released his follow up CD on Rounder Records. Ray Benson and

Lloyd Maines again co-produced the project which will included all new

James Hand original songs.

“The first time I saw James Hand I was shocked. He looked and sounded

so much like Hank that I was frozen in my chair as I listened. His

songwriting and performance style are real throwbacks to the sounds

and times I truly love. He’s a perfect gentleman and true Texas

troubadour.”– Darrell K. Royal

More about The Carolyn Sills Combo

“Sills and her eclectic combo took to the stage like old pros, as

their professional, fun and charming manner won the crowd over in a

heartbeat. This is by far one of the coolest shows I’ve been to in

quite a while.” – Paste Magazine

Three time Ameripolitan Award nominee for Western Swing group and

female of the year and two time Academy of Western Artist Award

nominee for Western Swing group and album of the year, fans of classic

country and western swing are falling in love with The Carolyn Sills

Combo’s original songs, written and produced by Sills and her longtime

guitarist and husband, Gerard Egan.  Their current release, Dime

Stories Vol 2, was named by No Depression as one of the top new

release of 2016.

The cowboy loving duo attracted top Monterey Bay area players for

their combo, featuring Charlie Joe Wallace on steel guitar, Jim Norris

on drums and Sunshine Jackson on harmony vocals and percussion. Sills

and Egan are heavily influenced by spaghetti western films as well as

their vinyl record collection, citing influences from Bob Wills, Patsy

Cline and Merle Travis, to Marty Robbins and Les Paul & Mary Ford.

Word of their authentic live show is spreading quickly throughout

California, chock full of three part vocal harmonies, dueling guitar

and steel instrumentals and tight arrangements of their own distinct

brand of Americana.

“Local powerhouse Carolyn Sills is the real deal of throwback country

music. She has enough soul, heart, style and swag to convince

audiences and listeners that they may have been transported to an era

where country swing rules the waves, juke joints were the place to be,

and heartache had a kick like a mule… their new album is a record

packed from start to finish with all the lonesome wails,

tongue-in-cheek humor, and late night reflection you’d expect from a

classic country gem.” – Cat Johnson, Good Times Magazine.


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