#TheMAINquotes: CALL For Quotes!

See Your Quote in Lights!
Illuminate Main St. in Old Town Newhall!

The MAIN in Santa Clarita is seeking individuals to share their original quotes as part of #TheMAINquotes to be displayed on the marquee on Main Street! The MAIN is looking to bring smiles and brighten days in the community by sharing tidbits of wisdom, humor and encouragement every other week. The hashtag #TheMAINquotes has been used on our marquee and posted on Instagram (@TheMAINNewhall) to help spread optimism and show presence, while our physical doors remain closed.

We invite you to be part of something positive and entertaining that impacts the City of Santa Clarita and our online community. Submit your favorite positive, family-friendly quote in 10-words or less! Be the reason people stop to think, smile, laugh and share!

Quote submissions are open to anyone, of any age, from any location. Submit an original quote (not previously published anywhere else) to themain@santa-clarita.com, for consideration. Please include your name, location (City) and social media handles (Facebook and Instagram), for credit when posted on social media platforms. Please see the Submission Guidelines for monthly deadlines.

Each month, a committee from the City of Santa Clarita and The MAIN will select (one) original quote to be displayed on the marquee at The MAIN theatre (Location: 24266 Main St. in Old Town Newhall). Selected quotes will be photographed and posted on The MAIN’s Instagram and Facebook (Feed and Stories) using the hashtag #TheMAINquotes.

#TheMAINquotes are updated bi-monthly, on Monday. Submissions that have been selected will be displayed on the marquee during the last two weeks of each month for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 14 days. Quote selections will be chosen on the Friday after each monthly deadline.*

We cannot wait to see your quotes! Don’t forget to check out The MAIN’s marquee for #TheMAINquotes every other Monday! We hope that you will snap a pic, post and share using #TheMAINquotes!

*See the Submission Guidelines for deadlines.

PDF for Reference:
CALL: Atthemain.org/files/2021/03/Marquee-CALL-For-Quotes.pdf
SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Atthemain.org/files/2021/03/Marquee-CALL-Submission-Guidelines.pdf

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