It’s All in Your Head

“It’s All In Your Head” is a phrase that serves as a reminder that individuals in our contemporary society are often disregarded for the sake of the greater good – a false attempt at utilitarianism. When we belittle the experiences of the individual and tell them, “it’s all in your head,” their complex thoughts and emotions are not acknowledged as important and are instead treated as a self-serving indulgence that retains little value in an increasingly materialistic world. There is beauty in our shame, and there is wisdom in acknowledging this fallacy. Yet, in the end; your thoughts, your feelings, your desires mean nothing. Relax. It’s all in your head.

Exhibition Dates: December 17, 2019 through January 10, 2020.

Artist statement
As a Los Angeles native, my interest in art began as a child when I saw the Andy Warhol exhibit at MOCA. My art gives the viewer an opportunity to see a reflection of internal struggle presented on multiple media platforms; be it body, wood, or canvas. The intention of my art is to show a natural perspective of raw conflict and the open connection humanity has to one another.  –  Christopher Flores

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